Facing a Georgia Super Speeder Ticket? Free initial consultation ~ Reasonable fees

What legal options do I have in my Super Speeder ticket case?

Do not simply pay the fine! If you are charged with speeding 85 mph or greater in the State of Georgia, do not plead guilty without first consulting an experienced Georgia speeding ticket lawyer. Georgia’s Super Speeder ticketlaw authorizes the State of Georgia to collect a fine of $200.00 in addition to local court fines. If you plead guilty to a Super Speeder speeding ticket and do not pay the state fine, the Georgia Department of Driver Services(DDS) may suspend your Georgia license until your fine is paid. Before you plead guilty and pay the fine, contact Mr. Klein to discuss the merits of your Super Speeder speeding ticket case and preserve your constitutional rights. Mr. Klein will negotiate with prosecutors to reduce your Super Speeding speeding ticket so that your driving privileges are not jeopardized.

As a Commercial Driver (CDL), how will a Super Speeder conviction affect me?

If you are a commercial truck driver, you understand the importance of keeping your driver’s license record as clean as possible. Many carriers will not employ drivers with violations on their driving records. More importantly, pleading guilty to a Super Speeder speeding ticket is a serious disqualification, meaning your CDL driving privileges may be suspended. Conviction on a Super Speeder ticket may also result in a loss of employment. Having represented hundreds of commercial truck drivers, Mr. Klein will design a legal strategy to reduce the financial and legal impacts that a violation may have on your employment.

I am an out-of-state driver. How does Georgia’s Super Speeder law affect me?

Even if you hold a driver’s license issued by a state other than Georgia, you are still subject to Georgia’s Super Speeder ticket law. If you fail to pay a Super Speeder ticket fine, the State of Georgia will notify your home state to suspend your driving privileges. Mr. Klein will appear on your behalf and resolve your Super Speeder ticket case so that you do not have to undertake the expense of traveling to Georgia to appear for your court date.